a quick strong clearing and life support, for your current situation we are clearing your Aura, chakras, meridians, cords (without feedback)


get an overview about your current situation,get a solution, we are clearing karmic
patterns of your past lives, hidden contracts etc. a trigger you see in your partner
is a wound within yourself.


this session is very clearing and deep healing on all levels at the same time
body mind and soul, this life and past lives, inner child healing and ancestral.
I will read your energy and – guide you to take your power back and be in peace


a very unique way of clearing and healing ancestral traumas patterns net codings , within the the family tree Your DNA will be
cleared from trauma spells family pattern and most importantly your own light
codes will be reintegrated, to support your full growth
your family is your roots and your roots are important for your growth
Healing and clearing up to 8 generations of your family tree

$ 666.66

Starseed origin calculation

you don’t know if you are starseed? you wanna know your starseed origin… we are calculating scientifically according to your birth
chart your past lives at other stars, planets or constellations ….it’s not a reading….readings can more likely change through the quality of
the medium.


Reading (3 questions)

you can ask me 3 questions regarding your life situation

no healing
no clearing


Family and Children Session

as a family with 3 or more people it’s often a challenge to understands everyone’s needs to support and communicate

we are all different and we might have had many past lives with karmic baggage …. lets release the soul contracts and karmic blockages
for the growth of each soul


Session for Children (Age 12 & above)

Children are the future of the world , but more than that they come from love ….. unfortunately they are under huge amounts of pressure
from a young age…
The new age children also called indigo or crystal children are very strong, unique and different … . i will guide you as a parent to
support their optimum growth t und understand your child to have a smooth communication and interaction with video call / child and


Deep healing intensive

its the same as deep healing except that we are working with more themes which come up.

instead of 1 over night session we are working over a period of 4 days

$ 666.66

Black magic clearing

Black magic is real !!!
I know it’s a tricky toppic 😕
Reason :
Enemies but most important
What exactly in you allows this to happen?!
I will help you to make you strong from inside out! 💖
How do you know there s Black magic involved?  

You are crying a lot
You are tired of life
Your body…

$ 777.77

paypal: aurena.fohler@gmx.de

Bank transfer informantion: USD

Account holder:

Agathe Fohler

Routing number:


Bank account number:


Wise addres:
30w. 26th street, Sixth floor
New York NY10010
United States

Personal live video call (1 hr)

This is a chance to heal, clear, and transform with me together
On a 1:1 video call live
You can ask as many questions as you like during this 1h session
I will guide you through an individual process
We will integrate lightcodes…..

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